Lit Superposes Royal 2+1

Lit Superposes Royal 2+1

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2+1 metal bunk bed with dimensions of 140×190 cm for the lower bed and 90×190 cm for the upper bed. Solid metal construction, modern design with ladder and safety barriers. Easy to assemble. Mattress and bedding not included. Practical solution to save space.

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The metal bunk bed you’re looking for is a 2+1 configuration, meaning it’s two beds stacked on top of each other, with the bottom bunk being larger than the top bunk. Here is a full description of the bunk bed:

Size :

– Lower bed: 140×190 cm (width x length)

– Upper bed: 90×190 cm (width x length)

Material: The bunk bed is made of metal, which gives it durability and stability.

Design: The bunk bed features a sleek, modern design, with clean lines and a metal frame. The metal construction brings a contemporary touch to the overall aesthetic.

Security features:

– Safety rails: The upper bed is equipped with safety rails on all sides to prevent accidental falls while sleeping.

– Ladder: The bunk bed includes a ladder that allows easy access to the upper bunk. The ladder is securely attached to the structure to guarantee stability and safety.

Assembly: The bunk bed is designed for easy assembly. It comes with all necessary hardware and instructions for trouble-free installation.

Versatility: The design of the bunk bed allows for flexible use. You can use it like a traditional bunk bed, with the lower bed for one person and the upper bed for another. Alternatively, you can use the lower bed separately, while the upper bed remains unoccupied.

Mattresses and bedding: Please note that the bunk bed does not include a mattress or bedding. You will need to purchase them separately to complete the installation.

In summary, the metal bunk bed with a 2+1 configuration (140×190 cm + 90×190 cm) offers a practical and space-saving solution for accommodating multiple sleepers in one bedroom, while the metal construction ensures durability and a contemporary appearance .

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