Table à manger dorée marbre blanc CLARA

The CLARA gold white marble dining table will bring a touch of luxury and charm to your modern, classic or glamorous interior design.

Original price was: 725,00 €.Current price is: 420,00 €.


Enter a realm where modern style meets opulence with our CLARA dining table, adorned with a luxurious white marble top. Its graceful design, supported by gold metal legs, exudes a lasting impression of strength. The white marble top, an emblem of exclusivity and refinement, sets the scene for your most exquisite meals and meetings.

Elegance and practicality come together in the CLARA range of gold white marble dining tables.
Imagine a space where beauty meets functionality. The CLARA dining table and its rectangular silhouette blend seamlessly into your environment, promoting a welcoming ambiance and effortless flow. Its generous proportions (180 cm x 90 cm x 75 cm) guarantee enough space to accommodate family and friends, whether for unforgettable dinners or cozy family breakfasts.


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